We highly recommend using What3words to pinpoint locations on the trail that need attention.

From within What3words copy the 3 word location and paste it in the issue or notes section of the form below.

Trail Conditions Form

Trail names are prefixed by park: CT - Chocktaw HG - High Gap IR - Indian Rocks ME - Meadows MT - Meditation NV - Nature Valley PF - Playfield WA - Waterford WC - Wildcat Other

Note: you can text a picture to 470-465-0506. The picture will go to Clardy’s phone, not the spreadsheet, so please add your name and 3word location to your text, so he can correlate the image with the correct trails report entry.

It may take a minute for your entry to show in the spreadsheet. If you don't see it, click at the top of column A and select "sort Z to A".